• The law firm of

    Dreher Tomkies LLP

    is pleased to announce that

    Eliott R. Good

    Van R. Shirey

    Adam J. Hubble

    Michael W. (Mike) DeWitt


    A. Dustin Mets

    have become Of Counsel with the Firm’s Columbus Office as Litigation Counsel.

    Their practice has generally been limited to the areas of financial, life, health, disability and securities law. They have dealt extensively with, among other issues, federal and state consumer credit law disputes, director and officer liability, errors and omissions liability, promotion and market conduct issues, consumer lending and sales practices, selection and suitability of products ranging from insurance to securities and annuities, fraud in the inducement, processing of claims, business practices, ERISA and its applicability to insurance, pension and employee-related issues and benefits, vanishing premiums, replacement and churning activity, agency issues, medical technology, civil murder, credit life and disability claims, life and health claims, death claims, misrepresentations and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issues.