In response to the explosion of litigation in consumer financial services, we have built upon years of experience with our clients to offer a new risk management tool: a litigation avoidance program that includes (i) specific advice on current areas of risk exposure based upon an analysis of your business, operations and programs and (ii) strategic advice on options for developing procedures and taking action to contain and/or minimize risk on an on‑going basis. We have designed this litigation avoidance program to have practical application to day‑to‑day operations as well as to longer-term business decisions and strategies. We can offer you suggestions for containing your risk today and avoiding new risks tomorrow.

    For more information about this Program, please contact any of our partners:

    Darrell Dreher at (614) 628‑1601 or [email protected]

    Mike Tomkies at (614) 628‑1603 or [email protected]

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